Isuzu_NPR_HD_Ford_F450 (click here for .pdf file)

NPR-HD CC Advantages Over Ford F-450 Super Duty CC:

  • Proven Isuzu 4H Family of Engines with B-10 Life of 310,000 Miles. Ford has new 6.7 Liter Engine
  • Proven Aisin medium duty transmission versus Ford transmission used in pick up truck applications
  • NPR-HD has two wheelbases 150, 176 with longer Cab to Axle options allowing longer bodies, but shorter turning radius
  • NPR-HD can accommodate 14% more cargo capacity with body up to 16 ft. in length vs. a maximum 14 ft. on F-Series
  • Built from the ground up as a commercial vehicle for a long life. F-450 is derived from a pickup
  • NPR-HD 14,500 GVWR versus Ford F-450 16,000 GVWR but has about the same body and payload allowance due to lighter total chassis weight
  • Reverse Elliot I-Beam front axle is strong and durable. Mono I Beam used on F-450 varies camber with load, contributing to tire wear
  • NPR-HD Front Tapered leaf springs provides a smoother ride then F-450 Coil springs
  • N-Series rear axle capacity of 14,550 is 21% higher than Ford at 12,000 lbs.
  • Tilt cab allows easy engine access. Limited engine access on F-450 Super Duty with very high reach-over to engine area. Some technical procedures on F-450 requires cab to be removed
  • Tighter turning diameter curb-to-curb for comparable cab-to-axle ratio (45.3 ft./150 in. WB vs. 51.5 ft./176 in. WB ) improves maneuverability by 14%
  • 16-inch truck tires average 50% less expensive to replace and more readily available than 19.5-inch tires on F-450
  • Wider door opening for easy entry and exit 85 degree vs. 60 degree
  • Durable tricot breathable woven seat material is comfortable and long lasting. Solid vinyl on F-450 Super Duty
  • Standard tilt and telescopic steering column contributes to driver comfort. Optional tilt steering wheel on F-450
  • Grab handle to assist entry and exit contributes to safety on the job. Not available on F-Series
  • Longer scheduled maintenance intervals helps reduce downtime and service costs
  • Standard fold-down center seat includes convenient work area on NPR; base seat on F-450 is non-folding bench
  • Higher frame yield strength contributes to 18% higher capacity and durability (44,000 psi vs. 36,000 psi)
  • Standard diesel exhaust brake can contribute up to 30% improved brake life and braking performance. Not available on F-450
  • Greater visibility with larger windshield, larger side windows, larger side mirrors and lower dash to improve vision. Front sight line of 8.6 ft. for NPR vs. 23.8 ft. for F-450
  • Standard daytime running lamps vs. optional
  • Battery box on frame rails of NPR helps extend battery life by removing batteries from hot under-hood area
  • Easier serviceability with in-cab fluid checks vs. Ford’s under-hood fluid-checks